Brief History of Why Not Ltd


Why Not Ltd is a 40 copies limited edition cdR release, focus on experimental music in general.

Brief History

WNL was started in mid 2005, the idea came about in the morning before i have lunch, i was in the studio and the idea just came:”Hey, Why not have a series of cdR release in limited edition? You can have it in small amount so that you wounldn’t have to have problem with the stock, and you can release whatever you like!”

Yeah, why not?

So that’s how i started WNL, there is nothing fancy, at first it was just a new series from Herbal, the parent label, but soon it shown the potential to stay alone as a label.

No so long later, we received more demo proposal then Herbal ever, so we have to come up with the demo policy (which we never have this problem with Herbal)

Demo Policy (pls read this before you contact us regarding the related subject)

1, NO DEMO, send us MASTERPIECE. if we like it we will release it straight away, maybe in 24 hours. don’t send us anything which no ready for release.

2, DON’T ASK. We will let you know if we are going to release it, it will take 1 hour to 5 years for us to decide.

3, WE Will NOT PAY ARTIST(S). even if we release your stuff, you only get the product, no cash. yes, we are making money out of you, take this to your consideration before you send us anything.

We have our own webpage too, stay alone from Herbal 🙂

From now on i will add info about the release one by one, even though most of them are out of print, but who know, from time to time i have something back in stock.

Thank you for reading!

visit site for complete release list


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