A Day In Life

Today i spent a few hours to work on a minor update on the webpage, in the beginning i thought it was an easy job. The beginning mean the day i started the webpage.  So you can tell i m not a pro, and you’re right, i m not a pro, not on web design, not even on computer.

And WNL did not own a web domain, Herbal International too, we still using the geocities.com, and we are not allow to make a direct link from wiki… (…am i complaining?)

But hey, Why Not Ltd hit 20 releases by now! With the new release of Birgit Ulher and Heddy Boubaker, and W98, we have 21 releases! We have range from electronic, techno, to electro-acoustic improv, field recording, noise…  and we are still open to proposal, we know there are still a lot talented or talentless (who cares?) out there, send us your master piece! We look forward for 50 release in 5 years… or maybe shorter.

Thank you for reading!

visit site for complete release list


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