40 copies limited edition

There are 2 things i like to talk about this magic number:-)

Most people will think selling 40 copies of cds is nothing, i think so too, at the begining. Then (whoever that tried) knew that that’s no true. Selling 40 copies of cds is not easy. If a distro are willing to carry 5 copies, you will need to look for 8 distros. And if you are in the market you know 8 distros are a big number. And further more is, no many distro will carry 5 copies, they take 3 or 4. Mostly on consignment, then they send you the cds back after years.

On the other hands, most people will think that the musician(s) will not interested in making 40 copies limited edition cdR. That’s partly correct, because some of them do too, the idea  behind of the WHY NOT LTD is to make the good recording available, to see the daylight, even just a limited copy, and the musician can re-release the album else where on other label, on net etc… so why not??

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