TORTURING NURSE 192171-200871

VITAL WEEKLY = number 646 – week 40
buy this! It starts as a fairly laid back racket of feedback and clanging – live I suspect – the guitar needs tuning and there is a serious mains loop hum (joke) by track 3 they are beginning to wind themselves up – hell they have what I think is called a groove going- its splendid stuff- the kind of noise that brings a smile – you just know they are touching 80mph and there is more power left – this is a fucking Harley Davidson of a disk- they ease the throttle on 4 only to open it back up into more feedback (excellent) on 5, 6 eases out into a field recording??? Brilliant – see for yourself – and weep. Chinas rising!  (clear enough?)
– jliat –

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